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Weekly Lottery Draw

Want to win £1,000?

Then you need to enter our new weekly lottery draw which starts on 4th August and will run every week from then.

Basically, you take a draw ticket, mark 3 numbers with a cross, stick it in an envelope with £1 and keep your fingers crossed! If your 3 numbers are called then the £1,000 is yours, or if more than one person wins, then it is shared equally. There are also cash prizes for matching 2 numbers. If the jackpot is unclaimed it will roll over to the next week.

This is a member’s only draw -any entries from non-members will be disqualified.

Tickets will be on sale from Monday 22nd July with the draw taking place on Sunday 4th August and weekly from then.

Good luck!!!

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Smoking, Vaping and Work Wear

The Committee are looking to members and guests to follow two simple rules:

  1. Only smoke or vape in the designated areas at the front and rear of the building
  2. The dress code  for entry to the lounge and snooker room is smart casual attire – no work wear is allowed

The steps at the front and rear of the building are not smoking areas and should not be used as such in future.  Having smoke blowing into the building is against the regulations set out in The Health Act 2006 but on a practical level is a constant source of irritation and annoyance for most people who do not smoke or vape.

We will be asking our management and staff to enforce both rules and would ask members and guests to show respect to them if they must remind you of them. The Committee are determined to make to Club a venue which is welcoming and inclusive to everyone so please work with us on making this happen.