About Bilton Working Men's Club

Bilton Working Men’s Club was formed in 1913 and now has nearly 1,000 members.

As well as being a popular venue for social events, the Club also supports community groups and other good causes in Harrogate.

Bilton WMC is affiliated to the Club and Institute Union (CIU) which is a voluntary association of private members’ clubs in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with over 2,000 associate clubs.

The CIU was formed in 1862 to provide a voice at national level for working men’s clubs and social clubs, and to provide discounted products and services for its members.

It is now the largest non-profit-making social entertainment and leisure organisation in the UK, representing the interests and views of six million club members.

It costs £10 per year to be a member of Bilton WMC, with an initial joining fee of £10, and membership for senior citizens is £5 per year.

CIU affiliation costs £3.50 per year on top of the usual club subscriptions. A member of one CIU affiliated club is entitled to use the facilities of all other CIU clubs, although they will only be entitled to vote in committee elections at clubs where they are full members.

Bilton WMC is run by a voluntary committee, most of whom have been Club members for many years. They meet every two weeks to discuss the running of the Club, its finances and to ensure that it meets the needs of members.


Club Officials:

Club President: John Wrightson

Secretary: Alan Huddart

Treasurer: Geoff Lowde

Trustees: Allan Rothery, John Wrightson & Alan Huddart

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